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Link-Up closure

The primary supplier of Ash Manor School uniform, Link-Up Ltd, has ceased trading with immediate effect.
This was an unexpected development and we were caught somewhat off-guard. Please know that we are already working hard with all the uniform suppliers to boost the forward orders we had already placed in October / November last year so that we are well stocked for ‘Back to School 2024. We’re also placing additional interim orders to cater for those needing uniform now. It will take 2-3 weeks for us to re-adjust stocks and we thank you in advance for your patience and understanding whilst we get things organised.  We are keeping the school updated with progress, but believe that we’ll be able to acquire everything we need in a timely manner and with minimum disruption to parents and students alike. We are doing our utmost to ensure things go as smoothly as possible.
For those that are new to us, you’ll find us tucked in the courtyard between Surrey Hearing and Ash Vale Kebab at 248 Shawfield Road where we share our location with DSA Golf.
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Why School Uniform

School uniform is a source of collective pride

School uniform is essential in creating a sense of school identity and community among students. Among the wider community, uniformed pupils contribute positively to a school’s reputation. The argument goes that they give an impression of academic rigour and discipline. Another benefit of uniform-wearing is school safety. When all students are in uniform, it is easy to quickly identify anyone who shouldn’t be present in the school building. Also, when students are out in the community, it makes it easier to deal with anti-social behaviour. Members of the public can quickly identify the school that the students are from, based on what they’re wearing. UK study found that almost 9 in 10 teachers believe that school uniforms reduce bullying.  At the same time, 7 in 10 schoolchildren believe that wearing a uniform helps them to fit in. The same study found that two thirds of parents said that uniforms made their lives easier, saying uniforms help to create a level playing field. This might be because school uniforms can “poverty-proof” schools. They insulate students and their families from the financial pressure of wearing the latest trends or expensive labels. Even where money isn’t a concern, getting up every morning knowing what to wear makes things more simple for parents and students alike. It reduces anxieties around clothing choices for children and teenagers. Headteacher Emma Hattersly, writing in the Guardian, observed that uniforms are freeing, especially for teenage girls. “It shields students from the mounting social pressures to worry too much about one’s appearance.” In a world of fast fashion and social media selfies, a school uniform serves a practical purpose: it’s a refuge from the expectation to keep up with your peers.